A native of the San Francisco Bay Area, composer, improviser, and sound artist Matthew Goodheart has gained an international reputation for his expansive approach. Following an early career as a free-jazz pianist, he has developed a wide body of work that explores the relationships between performer, instrument, and listener. His diverse musical creations range from large-scale microtonal compositions to open improvisations to immersive sound installations – all unified by the analytic techniques and performative methodologies he has developed to bring forth the unique and subtle acoustic properties of individual musical instruments. Goodheart’s approach results in a “generative foundation” for exploring issues of perception, technology, cultural ritual, and the psycho-physical impact of acoustic phenomena.


September 6 - Littlefield Concert Hall, Mills College - 8pm

David Wessel:
Mis en Place—Improvisations
David Wessel—Slabs interface for live electronics
Matthew Goodheart—keyboards and excited metal percussion
James Fei—reeds and electronics
Nils Bultmann—viola

gal*in_dog aka Guillermo Galindo:
Neuro-sonic Healing (third revision) (2013)

Maggi Payne:
Black Ice (2014)

John Bischoff:
Visibility Study I

Mills Website, with link to ticket purchase


November 7 - 17:30pm
Tim Hodgkinson, with Ken Ueno, Matthew Goodheart, and David Wessel,
Center for New Music and Audio Technologies (CNMAT)
1759 Arch St., Berkeley, CA


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